Our Mission

Why you should choose pcf!

Progressive College Of Florida is committed to providing quality training in allied health education that will inspire individuals to acquire knowledge and skills to be productive members of society, to develop their creativity, and to strive for personnel experience.

We Want You To Be

Who We Are

The Progressive College Of Florida community consists of dedicated nursing educators and administration. Our experienced staff and modern facilities create an environment where nursing students excel and can become the HHA’s, LPNs and RNs to advance the healthcare profession. We are located in Port St. Lucie Florida.

What We Do

Progressive College Of Florida is dedicated to excellence in nursing education. We are focused on providing quality nursing education and to bridge the labor gap in the nursing field. We train competent nursing professionals who are well prepared to enter the job market. 

Devotion to Our Student’s

Our programs offers an open curriculum, allowing students to enter, exit, and graduate at designated points. This flexibility in the curriculum helps students to balance work, and home life.   This combination of real world practice prepares Progressive College Of Florida graduates for successful careers in the nursing field.